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This is the last blog assignment, and I think this have been great to work with. When I heard we should work with a blog I thought this should be hard to write a blog, and write something every week. However, to write this blog has been very relaxing. And I?m going to miss this. Usually I don?t read, but now that I needed, it have been fun to read a book and so write about it.

I think this was a great way to work with a book. All the positive comments and you can read about what others write. It have been interesting to see what the others in class are reading and how they use their creative part of them. I think I have been a better reader, because I was very focused when I read the book. Because I knew, I had to get with me content to write the blog. I think my confidence have been better, because I learned how an English writer set his text up and some better use of the language. Therefore, I looking forward to write the book analysis.

What the story are about

The book Charlie and the chocolate factory its most about Charlie Bucket and the biggest chocolate factory in the world owned by Willy Wonka. Charlie live in a poor family and his grandfather once worked in Wonka?s factory, but one day he closed the factory. However, one day Wonka will let five children?s came in to the factory and one of these five will get a special gift. He send out five golden tickets in his chocolate plates to the whole world. Charlie just get one golden ticket every year so don?t have a big chance to get one of these tickets, but he does, because he find money. And he and four others children?s go through a big adventure in the factory. Wonka set up the others child?s when he find out how kind and great Charlie are. Charlie end up winning the special gift. The special gift was to take over the factory after Willy Wonka, but Charlie needed to do it without his family, so he tells no. so I think the theme in the book are that our Family Is Important In Our life, anyway. Family is your blood and they are the people who accept you for who you are, who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what. Family is one and only place where your life begins and love never ends. You may have lots of people in your life, but you won?t find a single person who care the most like your parents.

The point of view in the novel.

The point of view in the novel it?s written in 3th person, because we follow the perspective ofonecharacter. Here is some examples:

in the start of the book it start with "This is Charlie" and "he`s pleased to meet you"

But look at these sentence:How d'you do? And how d'you do? And how d'you do again? He's pleased to meet you.

Well this is interesting. The narrator seems to be talking directly to us here, which means our narrative point of view is actually second person to.

Book Analysis or Book Report?

I got the task to choose between book analysis or book report.

Book reportisthat you explaina littleabout the book,howgenreand why youchose it,youdo not godeepin history.In ananalysisasyou go deeperinthe history,and I think Iwilllearnmoreofthis.
Therefore, I gofor bookanalysis.

how kind of genre are this book

Charlie and the chocolate factory it is a fantasy novel. The environment in the book is based on the early 1900th. Charlie and his family is in the subclass society, Charlie lives in a little cottage with his parents and his four grandparents, and the cottageisin poor condition. They are freezing because it is so cold outside justificationcracks in the woodwalls.

What makesthis book afantasy novelisbecauseWillyWonkalive in acompletely different "world" thanCharliedoeslive in.It's likethey live intwo different time periodsbecauseWonkahaselectricity,transportationand the largestchocolate factoryin the world.Thefactoryislocated ina poordistrict, the factoryisbig and beautiful, and the factory has a big fence around itand with an electric boilerport.Willylive inthe upper class,assome of the participantsalso do,who also receivedthegoldticket for the competition.

Compere to my life this is total fantasy/dream world and a different time period, is also in a different country than mine.

The main characters in the book.

It is three main characters in the book. The first one is Charlie.

Charlie live with a pour family, close to willy Wonka`s chocolate factory,He must walk by Mr. Wonka`s factory every day on his way to school and smell the great smell of chocolate as his stomach grumbles. They do not have much food so Charlie never take so much food, so the others can get more. He is usually cold because he does not have an adequate jacket. Even though he has every reason to complain, he never does. Charlie is exactly the kind of child that Mr. Wonka wants.

The third one it`s Willy Wonka.

Willy Wonka own the biggest chocolate factory in the world. Wonka is the best candy maker in world. He make an endless combination of candy. He starting to feel old and decide to let five child?s get in to the factory. Because he need someone to take over the factory after him. He is old but filled with a boundless energy.

The last one its Grandpa Joe.

Joe it`s Charlie`s grandfather. Grandpa Joe spends all his time in bed with the other three-Bucket grandparents. He once worked at Willy Wonka`s factory, and was very happy. Grandpa Joe its Charlie`s best friend.

Charlie and the chocolate factory

I chose to read the book Charlie and the chocolate factory (2005) becauseI must have watched this movie a scores of times as a child. And I have never read the book, so wonder if the book it`s a bit difference from the film. It do not seams so hard to read the book, and it is an exciting story for everyone. Moreover, it is some pictures sometimes in the book, so you can see how the characters look like. When they come to the factory, they going on a great adventure.

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